Aluminium finger protection hinge SYS-AL-NCR

Technical facts

Size: up to 2000 mm (customer request)
Knuckle diameter: 20 mm
Hinge pin diameter: 12 mm
Hinge pin: Stainless steel
Panels fixation: Glue or additional riveting
Door-intake-profile (2 pieces)
Fixation hinge Block (3 pieces)
Lower block performs as spring hinge

Tender specification

SYSKO-Aluminium butt hinge Type: SYS-AL-NCR for partition walls
Suitably for 13 mm panel material
Finger protection is guaranteed through hinge construction
Slit cutting on narrow-door-side
Hinge surface aluminium anodised or powder-coated
By default self-closing through spring force
Rubber lips, brushes or special profiles are not required at the hinge side
Application only with inward-opening cubicle doors

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