Aluminium butt hinge SYS-AL13-2.2ST (rising hinge)
AL13-2.2ST z

Technical facts

Size: 107,0 mm (end caps included)
Knuckle diameter: 20 mm
Hinge pin: Stainless steel
Rising inset core: Nylon
Recommended fixation:
Door leaf: cylinder head screw (SS) M6 x 10
incl. screw cover (4 pieces included)
Packing unit: 30 hingers

Tender specification

SYSKO-Aluminium butt hinge Type: SYS-AL13-2.2ST for unrebated partition walls
2-parts butt hinge for fixation to door leaf without cutout
Hinge surface aluminium anodised or powder-coated
End caps white-aluminum or black
Pitch with 90° = 3 mm / 150° = 8 mm

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AL13 2 2ST

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