Angle support leg W2-Aluminium (13 mm panel thickness)
W2.1 2.4

Technical facts

Support foot:
Steel galvanised or stainless steel (additional charge) M10 x 45 (including clip-on nylon plate)

Support with angle:
Aluminium anodised – Ø 18 mm with angle
Aluminium powder-coated – Ø 18 mm with angle

Support length:
110 mm (150 mm ground clearance)

Short shaft and flat rosette:
Aluminium anodised for type W2.4

Rosette with short shaft:
Nylon (11 colours – find colour chart enclosed)
for type W2.1 and W2.3

Panel fixation:
Screws DIN7983 4,8 x 16 stainless steel (2 pieces)


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